Acne is oftentimes called the teen disease since it frequently affects people during the teen years. However, it is sometimes a skin condition that stays with you well past the teens. No matter your age, the five acne-fighting tips below help you overcome the battle with this common skin condition.

1- Leave Your Skin Alone

It is sometimes difficult to keep your hands off of those annoying pimples, but repress the desire to touch! Your dirty hands only transmit more dirt into the skin, causing acne to worsen!

2- Visit a Dermatologist

For many people, a trip to the Denver skin clinic is in order to beat acne. If your treatments aren’t showing any improvements after six weeks or if you have cysts or lesions, make an appointment with the dermatologist.

3- You are What You Eat

Although there is no direct link between this skin condition and the foods that you eat, scientists do know that certain foods are bad for you and can negatively affect the condition of the skin. Eat healthy, nutritious foods and shy away from greasy foods, processed foods, and chocolates.

4- Find Home Remedies

Do not start applying toothpaste to all of your pimples, no matter how much mom or grandma tells you that it is the best treatment of them all. It is a myth that it treats this skin condition. However, many home remedies are out there that work to beat the pimples and blemishes. Find the best and you might see a noticeable difference in your skin in no time.

5- Drink H2O

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The body needs you to drink water to replenish what is lost through urination, sweat, etc. You should reach for a bottle of H2O whenever you’re thirsty. You can lose weight and improve many skin conditions, including acne, when you are well-hydrated.