The legs play a huge role in speed. Whether it is running, walking, or gymnastics, the legs provide movements, balance, and stability for the rest of the body. Without strong legs, most other strengthening and endurance exercises would not be possible. The leg muscles collectively comprise a large portion of the body. With any leg exercise, you will also find that it is also cardiovascular exercise too. Size matters and these muscles are large.

Squat Weight and Speed

When you build endurance with squats, you are also increasing strength. Each goes hand in hand, so you are not going to miss a beat. This is one of the reasons that squats are considered a complete exercise for the entire body. Whether you are aiming for endurance or purely strength, it is important to have the correct amount of weight on the bar.

For endurance, you go for lighter weight, up to the point you can do twelve to fifteen repetitions with a safe squat technique. Correct form will be the most important factor but if you push too much weight, injury is more likely than ever. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself in a squat. This can be incredibly painful and even disabling.

squat technique

Make the speed about at a medium. You don’t want to go in slow motion just as much as you should not leap in the air with all of that weight on your back.

Building Up

Starting with a certain amount of weight and certain amounts of repetitions, you will notice that you get stronger and faster. This is your body building up strength. You will need to eat plenty of whole protein in your diet to help with faster recovery. When you are able to move the weight effortlessly, it is time to increase it so you can develop even more.